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Exercise & Hydration

By May 25, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

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Exercise & Hydration

Exercise & Hydration

It has been a long slog and I don’t know about you, but an hour per day has been a tough challenge. I will be honest, it has been pretty demoralising for the team here; we’ve had the weather but we have complied with the rules and limited the distance that we have travelled.

Now that the restrictions have finally eased a little we have collectively put some serious miles down! Out of the suburbs and finally into the sunny countryside! This has been far too long coming..

The one thing I have noticed is that these rides are still so far from what I am used to, no coffee shop at the halfway point and no pubs for a sneaky ale as I close in on home! I’m trying to strategise my fluid intake and I think carrying some extra fluids will be wise. I’ve been lucky enough to pass service stations to grab a top up but that does limit my route choices as I head out into the wilds.

It would be interesting to get some feedback on what you are doing and how you are planning your rides. Bottles, hydration packs, or are you looking for rest stops where you can refill? Don’t run out, we all need something to wash our Luchos Dillitos down don’t we?!

If you’re interested in exploring hydration in more detail it is worth paying a visit to Precision Hydration , these guys know their stuff and will create a bespoke plan for you based on your activity and fitness levels.

Stay positive, stay healthy.