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Increase your focus and stamina


Sports nutritionreimagined

Real Food For Active Living.


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Made using the finest Natural Guava.


Sports nutritionrecyclable

Tasty blocks in a Natural Wrapper.

Natural Colombian Energy

Developed from Colombian energy bars, race proven for over 50 years, these delicious blocks of guava are a tasty and natural way to get an energy boost…. for all age groups and abilities.

Vegan Colombian Energy Bars

Real food
for athletes

Real food for All athletes. A Gluten Free, Vegan snack.


100% Compostable leaf

Unique leaf packaging means you can dispose of it and leave no footprint.

colombian made


A bar and a gel rolled into one, bocadillo are solid blocks of delicious guava paste that are dry to touch but melt in your mouth.

Each block (wrapped in a 100% compostable leaf) is a natural and tasty way of getting an important energy boost.

Our Lucho Dillitos are Vegan, healthy and natural alternative to gels and powders.

colombian energy bars
carefully made


Ethically sourced and developed with a passion, only the finest ingredients are selected.

All our ingredients come from the clean pastures of the mountains of Colombia.

We are passionate about using local knowledge and fruits that grow year round there.

Colombian Energy Bars By A Lake
hand made


Lucho Dillitos are for everyone.

The nutritional benefits of consuming guava are now well known. No matter what your age or activity.

Whether it is cycling, rowing, hill running or mini rugby, our energy blocks give you a natural energy boost as and when you demand it.

Colombian Energy Bars By A Bike
made for you

your best

Guava has been used for hundreds of years not only as a great tasting food, but also as a way to maintain good health.

At Lucho Dillitos, we aim to spread this message and make this fabulous energy snack available to everyone of all age groups and activities.

Each Lucho Dillitos is wrapped in a 100% compostable leaf. This means that if you want to discard the wrapper whilst out on your activity, you have peace of mind that you are not harming the environment. Let’s spread the word!



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Our energy products

Truly a fantastic product matched by excellent customer service. Definitely will be purchasing again. Easily digestible product suited for long runs and ultras.
andy hind
Excellent service and products and fast delivery. Wish I had found these energy blocks sooner. Definitely a 10 out of 10.
David Mullins
Met the guys a few years ago at the cycle show and was introduced to these little blocks of guava goodness, after which they became my main ride food. Life though got in the way and it had been more than 2 years since I'd had a Lucho Dillitos or taken my bike off the wall. The arrival of spring and a desire to feel fit (and control my expanding girth) got me to get the bike off the wall, that first painful weezy ride (that used to be so easy) was great but I was missing something - I made my order and got my luchos in short order. Great to have them again to help me get in shape and to help power my epic rides when I get there.Loving the Guava Goodness.
Eve Martin
So I tried the energy blocks for the first time after being recommended them from a friend. Firstly tastes lovely I have tried guava and raspberry guava (that’s my favourite!) secondly as a very tired mummy to 2 small beings these gave me a good bit of energy which is what I need to complete my workouts! Really recommend to anyone wanting that burst of energy to get through the day
Super fast service and a product I adore! The order I placed through the website was processed the same day and arrived on the second day after I ordered. I only recently discovered Lucho Dillitos as an energy booster to fend off the bonk on longer runs or cycle rides. Aside of being vegan, gluten-free and fair trade, they’re just blooming brilliant! Easy to carry, very easy on the stomach and delicious, they are just amazing - thank you Lucho Dillitos, awesome energy boost and wrapped in a leaf - how cool is that?!!
Ian M
Really like these! Much better than energy gels that mess with your insides. Leaf packaging works well and easy to dispose of. I recommend you try them if you haven't already.
James Black
Love these, I really detest the Gel things and gummy bears are not ideal either, these taste way better and are loaded with fructose so a much better option. The leaf packaging also makes me feel smug as i'm not adding to the rubbish by the side of the road. Hope these are adopted by more cyclists as they really are better in every way.
Perfect little energy boost whenever you need it. The eco wrapping reduces waste, which is good because of the planet. They're also very good at the dinner table with a cheese board.
Dermot M
This is a great concept and a lovely array of flavours available. Having used energy gels in the past which have a variety of downsides (packaging, waste, sickliness), Lucho Dillitos is a very welcome upgrade in all areas and a trusted companion on my rides !!
Oliver Jones
Delicious, environmentally friendly, easy on the stomach. What’s not to like!

"... these are, hands down, the best energy bars I have ever tasted."

''A welcome change. This is your mid run alternative. In addition it is a hit of energy-boosting carbs, these blocks are also full of vitamins A and C'.'

Wainwrights Round Record Holder James Forrest: “Lucho Dillitos guava energy blocks – a mix of sugar and fruit that provide an epic energy boost and taste way better than gels. You’ve got to treat yourself when you’re out on a big adventure."

"This is a job for Lucho Dillitos Bocadillos, aka "Colombia's original energy bar": a piece of tropical Kendal mint cake wrapped in a dried leaf that is as natural as any other leaf on the road."

"A different approach to sport nutrition. Natural Energy from Columbia (Yes it’s legal) and it’s like a bar and gel rolled into one making it one block of energy."

"Lucho Dillitos Energy Bars are easy to eat, chew, swallow, and digest ... I liked the texture, sweetness, lack of mess, and the biodegradable wrapping."

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